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A Boxful of Comfort

Find out what a comfort box is, why you need it, and how you can make one (it’s easy!)

Anytime you are feeling stressed, anxious, or unwell, it is helpful to have access to tangible things that can make you calm or provide comfort. This is where a comfort box comes in handy. 

Also known as a wellness box or a self-soothe box, a comfort box is any container where you keep items that will help make difficult emotions easier to bear. They can be anything from a pack of your favorite sweets to souvenirs from memorable places. 

Comfort boxes act as emotional first-aid kits – anytime you are feeling distressed, just reach into the box and get something that will either distract you from your worries or help you feel safe. 

How to make a comfort box

  1. Get a container for your things. 

Your self-soothe kit doesn’t have to be a literal box. Trunks, baskets, or even bags can do as long as they can fit the items that you need.

  1. Decorate the box. Optional, but it can be fun to do!
  1. Fill it up with your favorite things, making sure that all 5 of your senses are engaged.
  • Sight. Examples – memorable books, movies, photos; posters or clippings containing positive affirmations; a vision board; old letters or cards from loved ones
  • Hearing. Examples — a compilation of your favorite songs; a CD of your favorite artist
  • Smell. Examples — your favorite essential oil scent or perfume; scented candles or incense; lotions
  • Taste. Examples – your go-to comfort food; teas that can help you relax  
  • Touch. Example – something warm and soft to the touch like a blanket or stuffed toy; massage oils or other self-massage tools; stress balls
  1. Include other items you find soothing like an adult coloring book, your journal, your yoga mat, or a small pillow for sitting on when you want to meditate
  1. Put the box in an easy-to-reach place so that any time you feel out of sorts, you won’t experience added stress while looking for it.

A comfort box is an easy and inexpensive way of showing self-care. It reminds us that whenever we are feeling bad, we should seek comfort instead of ignoring the emotions or punishing ourselves. As an added project — once you’ve completed your box, try making another box to give to a loved one! 

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